Being inspired by our four-year-old Klara, we’ve decided to take a trip from Krakow all the way to Ždiar. Upon reaching our destination the idea behind The House Under The Sky was born. Its beautiful surroundings in the Belianske Tatras just on the verge of the borderline with Slovakia and old traditional timbered Spiš architecture have inspired us to create a warm and friendly apartment.

    The lodging house is well equipped with a fully functional kitchen, a terrace with barbecue and access to the Wi-Fi network. Each room is provided with its own bathroom, accessible from the corridor or the rooms directly.

    Klara: Mummy, can we go to that house?

    Mom: Which one, my dear?

    Klara: You know, the one… that… ohhh… That one in the Tatras, that House Under The Sky!

    Trying to persuade anybody thatThe House Under The Sky is the best place to spend your longed holidays is meaningless since everybody has different preferences but everyone can still enjoy our:

    • breathtaking Belianske Tatras view in all of their glory seen directly from the rooms,
    • crystal clear, unpolluted air (we try to keep our cabin allergen-free including pet’s fur),
    • a wide range of activities available within Ždiar and its surroundings,
    • a reasonable travel time from Krakow (similar to the Krakow-Zakopane journey),
    • all the necessary facilities, including comfortable kitchen equipped with a drip coffee machine, a dishwasher, a gas stove, cutlery, etc.
    • a living room with a satellite television and a CD/DVD set,
    • an access to the Wi-Fi network,

    We’d be really happy to share our experience and tips on how to share the joy of spending time in the mountains with children instead of leaving them with a baby sitter, as kids have always accompanied us in all our voyages.

    We’ll make sure you have a pleasant and unforgettable stay at The House Under The Sky.

Kasia and Przemek