• JASKINIA BIELSKA – breathtaking natural monument. Great idea of spending time during chilly, windy and rainy days https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaskinia_Bielska. The  Spider Park is located just next to the cave, along with some interesting local restaurants. There’s a parking lot by the cave (€3,5, better take the Euro coins with you, because local EUR/PLN exchange is very unfavourable). A 10-15 minute walk from the car park takes you to the cave itself. Admittance fee: €8 Adults, €4 Children
  • TATRZAŃSKA JAWORZYNA –Mountain trails heading to the High Tatras
  • MORSKIE OKO – on the Polish side of the High Tatras
  • A 10km long promenade with rollerblade and bike tracks to Spiska Biała

GALERIA / RESTAURACJA “Bury Miś” between Bukowina and Białka Tatrzańska.