of the House Under The Sky


Hello and welcome to our cottage. We hope you have a pleasant stay at the House Under The Sky and we would be very grateful if these regulations were obeyed in order to provide peace and safety to all of our Residents.

  1. General acknowledgements:
    a) Regulations define all agreements and regulations of staying in the House Under The Sky (“cottage” and “cabin”) and are an integral part of an agreement done by signing a registration card and paying all necessary fees in specified dates. Having done aforementioned, the Guests confirm they have read and accept the regulations.
    b)All Guests are expected to obey the regulations.
  2. The subject of the deal is hereby known as  ”a night”.
  1. Check-in is mandatory at around 4pm at the arrival and check-out is expected before 10am at the departure.
    a) To prolong the stay please contact the Owners at+48535242822 or The cottage may refuse to extend the stay in case of lack of free rooms, disobeying the regulations and/or letting the Owners know too late.
    b) Owners reserve the right to refuse to extend Guests’ stay in case of failure to pay all the necessary fees before.


  1. Fees are charged not later than the arrival date, according to the fixed reservation date. In case of leaving early, the owed fees remain the same as before. The guesthouse cannot invoice – only confirmation of payments according to the Slovakian law are possible to be handed. All fees can be negotiated only during the reservation.


  1. Ždriar Tourist Tax:
    a) All Guets are obliged to pay the tax in the name of the Ždiar authorities to finace the urban infrastructure.
    b) The tax is €0,80 per person per night.


  1. Booking:
    a) Can be done online at, via phone call or e-mail,
    b) Online booking is not final.
    c) Booking on the website requires a 30% payment in advance per night, 24 hours after booking (no later than 2 days before the arrival) via PayPal or here:

Katarzyna Kołek-Wacyk

Ul. Baranieckiego 8

30-227 Kraków


Bank account: 03114020040000320235704876


And contacting us afterwards via e-mail


  1. Only booked rooms within selected dates are guaranteed to provide accommodation for the Guests.
  1. Whole payment in advance is returned solely by the Cabin’s inability to provide accommodation. We are authorized to cancel reservations by extraordinary events and situations.
  1. Cancelling:
    a) 60 days before arrival – 100% refundation of the advanced payment,
    b) 59-30 days before – 50% refundation,
    c) under 30 days – no refundation.
  1. Guests shall remain considerably silent between 10pm and 6am unless all residents of the cottage have agreed on different hours unanimously.


  1. Safety:
    a) Smoking is strictly forbidden in the whole house and within its surroundings. Open fire should only be used in proximity of selected appliances, such as oven, barbeque etc.
    b) It is forbidden to store any explosives and any other dangerous materials in the cabin (eg. guns and ammunition).
    c) All guests are expected to lock their rooms every time they leave the house. Make sure the balcony is locked, all lights and appliances are turned off.
    d)  Guests are responsible for their own safety and are expected to act accordingly to the weather and other hazards of the highland environment.
    e) Guests agree to store and process their personal data in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data by the Skyhome represented by Przemysław Wacyk at Baranieckiego 8 Street to finalize Guest’s stay at the cabin. The Guests have all rights to check and correct their personal data.


  1. Pets are not allowed in the cabin, especially dogs and cats. The facility is meant to be allergen-free thus the Owners ask you to leave animals at home. Cleaning the cabin after pet’s stay costs €100 – all fur and other allergens have to be removed immediately.


  1. Rooms are expected to be locked – the Owners do not take responsibility of Guests’ belongings inside. The lost key fee is €15.


  1. Guests are responsible for any damage done by them or their acquaintances.


  1. Guests must not redecorate the rooms – moving equipment away form their original places is strictly forbidden.


  1. The parking lot is available only for the Guests. It is free and unguarded.. There are two double parking spaces at the east part of the house. The Owners do not take any responsibility of Guests’ cars and belongings inside of them.


  1. Number of persons inside the rooms must not be higher than the one determined with the Owners. All Guests’ acquaintances must leave at 10pm.


  1. In case of any doubts and/or shortcomings please let the Owners know (+48535242822, email:
  2. Lost and found policy:

a) Personal belongings left behind are sent to the address provided by the Guest at their cost.
b) In case of lack of interest of getting belongings back, they will be utilized within a month. All food and beverages are disposed of immediately.

20. Damage deposit of E200 required in cash. To be paid back after check-out of guest.


Thank you for understanding and obeying the regulations. We wish you a pleasant stay at the House Under The Sky.


The Owners